A downloadable game for Windows

Made as part of TiteGameJam by Toni Hannula, Heikki Raussi, Mikko Raussi

Rowing Flow is a 1v1 splitscreen local MP (both players on the same keyboard) rowing boat "simulator" racing game.

In the game both players attempt to race around the track and unsurprisingly the first one to reach the goal wins.

The "simulation" part comes in with the controls. You hold up/down to choose the direction you are rowing in. Then you row with the corresponding oar using left/right. So to go forwards you'd want to row with the both oars at the same time. You can also hold specific buttons for each oar to "break" i.e. push the oar deep in the water to fight against the momentum. You can combine these controls to make more advanced moves like spinning in place by rowing in the opposite directions with each oar or make quick turns at high speeds by breaking with just one oar making the boat turn etc.

Release date Apr 28, 2018
Authors1N07, Hegeteus
GenreRacing, Simulation
Made withUnity, Blender
Tags1v1, boats, Game Jam, Local multiplayer, rowing, Split Screen, titegamejam, water
Average sessionA few minutes
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count2

Install instructions

Download, Extract, Run "RowingFlow.exe"


RowingFlow.zip 17 MB

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